by Duo Granat - Tamara Granat & Adrian Kreda

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Two things come to mind when attempting to define what the tangos and romances by Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Gustavino really are. Firstly, they gently touch the most subtle of human emotions. Secondly, they bring satisfaction to even the most demanding listener. It is difficult to label or classify the work of either of these Argentine composers. Astor Piazzolla, Having elevated the tango to the status of the global phenomenon, is rightfully considered a legend amongst his peers. A trend-setter in his own time, he couldn't have imagined the fame and splendour the following decades would bring him. He often said that, in his compositions, "the devils dance with the angels", he would then explain that "to live means to try everything - only then does life become full of purpose and flavour". Carlos Gustavino, on the other hand, was a romantic at heart. Despite living in the modern era, he was fluent in the musical language of 18th and 19th century composers. It is impossible not to notice how his Argentine Romances combine the characteristics of local dances with the discernible shadow of the monumental Andes Mountains. Here, everyone will find something for themselves. The compositions are full of emotions - with love and betrayal, despair and longing, joy and sadness, peace and nostalgia forcing the listener into a moment of deeper thought. Perhaps that's the reason behind their very personal and subjective title - Destiny. I have been thinking about recording an album with this repertoire for years. Finally, I teamed up with an exceptional Argentine pianist - Adrian Kreda - who has been performing his unique interpretations for these pieces ever since his first performance of Astor Piazzolla tangos in Poland over 23 years ago. Now, my dream has come true. Together with Adrian, we would like to thank Ewa Guziołek-Tubelewicz for a wonderful recording, a beautiful working environment and absolutely brilliant editing. We would also like to thank everyone involved in producing the album: Ewa Prus, Bożena Mieczkowska, Szymon Jasnowski and Wojtek Kuleczka. With that said, we wish you - our listeners - a lot of beautiful musical experiences!

Tamara Granat & Adrian Kreda